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IMG_0981Let me introduce ourselves. We are Jim and Lee Oliver. Jim grew up on Shelter Island NY, which is a little island between the forks of Eastern Long Island. Lee grew up in Brandon Florida, suburb of Tampa. We each spent our childhoods in vastly different circumstances, but unbeknownst to us, we had the same idea for after high school to join the Navy and see the world. It was in the Navy that we met and married. Lee served in the Navy as an Aviation Storekeeper until 2005. After 12 years of service, it was time to take care of family, in particular our aging parents that required day to day care. Jim served as an Avionics Technician as an IFT on the P-3 Orion until 2007 at which time he retired after 21 years of service. We have one son, David who is a Navy brat born in Guam and lived on both the east and west coasts following our careers. He is now grown, living on his own forging his way in the world, but he does not share our continued desire to travel, particularly in a camper.

In August 2011, an idea presented itself by means of a harmless conversation with an old Navy pal, who decided to pack up their children, their dogs and go on the road in a small travel trailer. As I relayed this conversation to my husband, his words I will modify only slightly, “you are crazy”? Followed by “how and why are they doing that”? Or something to that effect. That night, he decided he needed to further research, until roughly 2am. We didn’t realize that it was at that moment that we had decided our next adventure. Over the next few weeks, we started a journal and began to research the RV lifestyle of which we knew absolutely nothing about. By winter 2011, we ordered a brand new 2012 F350 diesel dually and we had our sights on a 38’ Fifth Wheel Silverback bunkhouse. While our original plan was going to get on the road in September 2013, we ended up with a yard sale and moved into the camper in March 2012 and were on the road by April 2012. The rest, they say is history.

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