We now live in a day and age where endless information is available at our fingertips. It’s not like the “old” days when your research took you to the library and you spent hours looking up books, reading at the desks and taking notes. Another option for research was seeking out those with experience. I can distinctly remember my parents encouraging me to find those in the field that I was researching and setting up a time and place to talk with them about whatever it is I wanted to know.

When we began researching the full time life, we took to the internet of course, to gather information as well as found dozens of books on the topic. We did post a few questions in a variety of forums to clarify some of the things we still had questions about, but generally we scrolled through thousands of pages of information both on the web and in good ole fashioned books. We started a journal with questions and answers as we continued to research. Once we got on the road, we spent a great deal of time meeting new people and sharing stories over food, wine and campfires to further our knowledge and to share our own experiences with others.

Today, all we need to do is look to our phone, table or computer and do a quick google search that will provide us with thousands of good and not so good sources of information on any given topic. In addition, we have access to social media, of which became a part of our lives in order to stay in touch with family and friends. But platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest now provide us with one stop shopping with numerous pages and blogs filled with information. However, it is these places that also have allowed people to no longer research their desired topic, even with search functions available, but rather post a question and expect others to provide the research and answers to us. It’s not just about getting other people’s opinions or expertise, it has become a platform in which one can pose a question and get an answer without further checking to see if the information is even valid or not.

It’s not only a dangerous way to get information it is also a lazy way to get information. We are on many Facebook pages groups relating to the RV life and the same topics are discussed and beaten up on a daily basis, all because someone is too lazy to do a search for themselves and would rather someone just give them the answers.

What we seem to have collectively forgotten, is that part of life is learning, growing and experiencing, but one of the most fundamental elements is being left out and that is living. We were all new to everything in our lives at one point or another and this is no different. The truth is, that in a world filled with instant gratification and access to information in a nanosecond, we are eliminating the need to research and experience that is required in order to learn and grow. Sure, you now have the information instantly, but it may not be right, complete and it may not be what is best for you and the disappointment that comes from lacking the learning curve through experience will make for a rocky road.

No one knows what is best for you but you and when exploring the world of RVs and living full time in one, is not something you will become proficient in behind a computer. Try to figure it out first, learn how it works and ask more specific questions after you have tried and when you are truly stumped. You will have a lot more gratification and self sufficiency in the long run which will make your experience and satisfaction all the better. A sailor doesn’t become skilled sitting in port.