Our workamping adventures has taken us to many places and in each of those places we have had the privilege of making new friends. Jim and I like have historically hosted a dinner night at the beginning of each season wherever we are and usually do a few more throughout the season. We enjoying hosting our old and new friends alike and feel that the gatherings create a sense of camaraderie which we became so accustomed to while we were in the Navy. It’s generally pretty low key, a simple BBQ or a themed night. It’s always great fun sharing stories about our shared lifestyle of living on the road and it is always interesting to hear from others about where they have been, what they have done and even learn a few tips and tricks along the way.

Last summer, we ventured out to Utah and had an absolute blast. We met a whole new group of people and even ran into a few Navy buddies and some workampers we worked with previously in Florida over the years.

We are currently in our home base campground in central Florida, where Lee is recuperating from shoulder surgery. It is here we have spent multiple winters and even a few summers since we got on the road in 2012. This location is perfect for us for our families and our doctors are here which is how we landed back here this spring. There are familiar faces here and new faces as well. We have been here since March but are just now really getting settled and into a good routine. We seem to have a really good mix of folks this summer and it should be a good season. Some will stay on through the winter and others will move on to something else. In between times though, we hope to have a few more get togethers, sharing and swapping stories over great food and a few bottles of wine.

We are very blessed to live the life we do, traveling and meeting new people, many of whom become not just friends but family.