The past 6 years on the road have provided us with so many incredible opportunities. We have seen a great deal, experienced some amazing adventures and also have been blessed with being where we need to be when the need arises. We have had to change our plans a few times to accommodate the curve balls that have been tossed our way and being on wheels allowed us to do so. Had we been in a fixed location with a house and jobs, it would have been a bit more challenging to be where we needed to be with the added worry of housing and employment. Since we live in our RV and having workamping opportunities nearby, we have been able to meet those obligations with little to no trouble which relieves a great deal of additional stress.

We were able to spend most of 2017 getting outside of our home base of Florida and travelled to Moab Utah for the summer of 2017, taking a month to get there and exploring a bit of Texas and New Mexico along the way and then to Cape Hatteras North Carolina for the winter of 2017 before getting the call that we were needed back home for a sick family member in Florida in February. It was an amazing experience to see things we have never seen before in a part of the country we never really had on our list of places to see.

Our biggest blessing has to be that we have a home base in Florida that has allowed us to come back for the winters to workamp after traveling for the summer, as well as giving us a place to call home for the summer when the need arises. Workamping opportunities in Florida in the summer tend to be more widely available as many workampers don’t like to spend their summers in the hot and high humidity that Florida is so well known for, in addition to the weather potentials such as hurricanes.

We have always had a family first policy and with that said, it seems as though Florida will be our home again for the next year or so while we tend to some medical issues for ourselves and for family members needing us nearby. We really don’t mind much and we can take some shorter trips from time to time to get the rig out and continue to explore.

The beauty of this lifestyle that becomes so apparent in situations like this is that our life on wheels gives us so much flexibility which is an incredible blessing. We are fortunate to do what we do, have fun doing it while still being able to be helpful without too much disruption from our day to day life. It isn’t always easy, it isn’t always ideal, but it works for us.