Like many RVers all over the country, our goal is to follow the sun and stay warm for a majority of the year. Regardless of what RV manufacturers would have you believe, living in an RV when the temperatures reach freezing is no fun at all and RVs are most certainly not all season vehicles. Once the temperatures begin to drop, we know it is time to get further south. During our travels and even during some of our extended stays, the temperatures have dropped to freezing and we then begin to see a variety of issues pop up. While traveling, we find that our jacks and slides begin to huff and puff if it is near freezing. It takes that much longer to get everything buttoned up to hit the road in the morning. The other problem that we encounter is trouble with water. This one seems more obvious, but unlike a house, additional measures need to be taken to ensure we don’t have a leak or a burst pipe overnight. We generally will disconnect the water from the source if we will be at or below freezing but also keep heat tape handy and be sure to use our propane furnace to heat the belly when the temperature drops to help keep the tanks from freezing.

Our winter destination this year was the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We opted for a change of scenery this year and boy did we get it! It’s like night and day compared to our usual winter home in central Florida. It is so beautiful here and we are just feet from the beach. But it is cold! We have been able to keep things warm with the furnace, fireplace and some portable electric heaters. A new addition is our electric blanket which has been a blessing. It’s dual zone so he can make it the Sahara on his side and I can leave mine off to be in the winter tundra.

We are most certainly enjoying our stay in the outer banks for the winter, we also have decided it is a bit too cold for our taste for the winter and will opt for a more warmer destination next year.