We have been so very blessed with some of the locations we have gone to over the years as workampers. This year, we opted for something different, other than Florida. Our destination, Cape Hatteras KOA on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We knew it would be a bit chillier than we are accustomed to and even the chance of some snow during our stay, but something about being at the beach was appealing, more to me than to Jim. You see, we both grew up on and near the water and while neither of us are die hard beach lovers, the idea of toes in the sand and hearing the waves is an amazing experience. And then there is the fishing! Both of us truly enjoy fishing and while surf fishing isn’t our strong suit, it’s fishing nonetheless and an opportunity for something different.

Being that it is winter on the outer banks, means things are at a much slower pace and not much is really open this time of year. There are a few places, but generally localized in the main towns such as Avon and Nags Head, both of which are 20-30 minutes away. Not a big deal really, since we have lived in some pretty remote places most of our adult lives. But it also means that some of the most beautiful beaches and shoreline to explore this time of year are not crowded and sometimes we are the only ones on the beach. A huge plus in my book.

There is also a lot of history here, much of which revolves around maritime activity as well as a great deal of aviation history. The lighthouses are truly an amazing thing to see as well as the Graveyard of the Atlantic showcasing the maritime history through wars and piracy in the area over the centuries.

In addition to all of that, there are the views, even just from the campground, everywhere you look, the seashore, the dunes and the amazing sunrises and sunsets draw people here by the thousands. Mostly in the summer, but there are also a good chunk of folks who come out here early in the winter to enjoy the serene environment without the drove of people.

The whole idea of traveling is to see and experience new things and Cape Hatteras is another great opportunity that we are grateful for. While in reflection, winter isn’t the most ideal time to be here, it most certainly has its perks that we will enjoy for the next few months.