On our days off from working at the Moab KOA, we spent some time exploring some of the most popular national and state parks in the area.  Just a short drive from Moab is Arches and Canyonland National Parks and Deadhorse State Park.  Each providing a similar and yet very different experience showcasing the incredible works of Mother Nature over millions of years. We explored each of these parks during the summer and there are no words to describe the beauty.  Just driving through the parks is incredible, some of the hikes make the views even that much more spectacular.  We never found the parks to be overly crowded and loved to see so many families out hiking and enjoying the day. 

We found Arches to be the most challenging with many hikes in the moderate to difficult range. We never made it out to any of the Arches, but instead made it close enough to at least see some of the Arches. Canyonlands proved to be the most diverse with many views at pull off points throughout the park.  By far, Deadhorse proved to be most spectacular.  Not as large as the other parks, but the history and the views at the end are nothing short of amazing. 

It seems to me, that these areas while popular, are often overlooked by people passing through the area.    In addition to the main roads through the parks, there are also jeep/off-road trails as well that provide you with a completely different vantage point. We were blessed to be in the area long enough to visit multiple times, but even so we still did not see everything.  Sometimes time was an issue, sometimes it was illness and sometimes it was just the fact that we aren’t just aren’t in our 20s anymore and a bit out of shape.