With Moab Utah not originally on our list of places to visit, we spent a great deal of time researching the area prior to our departure from Florida.  We quickly learned that the amount of things to do would be perfect for our new summer adventure. There are tons of places to hike and bike, there are river adventures to include rafting and fishing the mighty Colorado River.  

We were excited about the availability of hiking and mountain biking, but never in our wildest dreams did we realize that Moab is one of the jeeping meccas in the country. We arrived in Moab just days before the Easter Jeep Safari would begin. We have never seen so many Jeeps, ATVs, UTVs and other off road type vehicles in one place.  Everyone has a hobby and this is obviously wildly popular in this part of the country.  

Moab is famous for its red “slickrock” which actually really isn’t slick at all. It’s more like sandpaper. You can jeep up the rocks and the tires can really get a good grip while riding and climbing some of the obstacles.  

One of our fellow workampers is an avid jeeper and had chosen Moab as a destination to do just that; Jeep the popular trails in Moab. He also worked in the evenings as a tour guide and offered to take out onto the rocks one afternoon. By far one of the most popular trails is Hells Revenge.  A quick google search will reveal not only its popularity, but why it is popular as well. Not only does it have great trails but also some fun and exciting obstacles as well. Baby Lion Back, a variety of Bathtubs and escalator ar just a few of the obstacles that will blow your mind!  The trails provide an amazing experience for the whole family!  The views from various points are absolutely breathtaking! The pictures, of course, don’t really do it justice and you have to just believe me when I say it’s most certainly a must do when in Moab!