Shortly after arriving in Utah, we started taking little trips to explore the local area. Moab is a great launch pad for some of the most spectacular scenery in the country.  Aside from some of the obvious excursions such as Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, there are also a number of less known destinations that provide just as much beautiful scenery.  Off in the distance is the LaSal Mountains that provide visitors with a completely different experience from the red rock that is so prominent in the area. While certainly a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, it seems to be less of a draw. The few times we have driven up to the mountains, while passing a few people, or seeing a few campers staked out throughout the drive, it is obvious that it is an overlooked destination. 

Our first time up to the mountain was in late April. The snow capped mountain was calling us to come and visit. The trip did not disappoint!  There are a number of hidden campsites and campgrounds, wildlife and amazing views. The temperature dropped more than 20 degrees as we continued up the mountain pass. While we were able to barrel through a few patches of snow covered road, our journey came to an end around 10000′.  We have driven up a few times since and even with the snow gone there are still places we cannot reach in the dually.