We knew when we got on the road 5 years ago that workamping was going to help keep our adventure in motion. It provides us no only with the opportunity to earn a few bucks while we travel, and with literally thousands of campgrounds throughout the country, we would be able to explore different parts of the country without major time limits.  For us, it’s a win-win situation. We are young enough to continue to work in addition to help offset the cost of camping and traveling.  In addition, we have found workamping to be fun!  Yes, FUN!  Each day is something new, we are constantly meeting new people and it is rewarding when campers compliment the staff and the park when they had a great time! 

The term workamping has gone through some changes, even in our short time on the road.  When we first started exploring the idea, we found that traditional workamping included working at a campground in exchange for site and possibly even some pay.  This is perfect for us, because we weren’t looking for a standard 9-5, but rather something that we can do something fun, meet some amazing people and have some flexability to spend time with family and friends. Even if only at minimum wage, the hours are enough to help supplement our retirement by allowing us to have a little jingle to play and explore an area.  

When choosing a campground, we first look for location, then compensation available, then job opportunities.  That has been pretty much our standard since we started.  We also spent the first or two year worrying about the next season and would select and commit anywhere from 6-12 months in advance for the upcoming season.  We were concerned that we would be unable to find work if we didn’t confirm early enough.  We have since learned, that the truth is, there is lots of opportunities available all of the time.  We now commit less than 6 months out unless an opportunity that we really want comes available. 

To date, we have worked at four KOAs, each providing amazing opportunities.  We have been able to explore Amish country in Pennsylvania, battlefields in western Maryland, the heart of central Florida, and the desert southwest of Utah.  
Workamping in the traditional sense, is not about making a living, but making a life. You won’t get rich if you are workamping the way it was designed, but you will be rewarded with so much more.