Since we arrived in Moab Utah the first week of April, we have been blown away by the beauty of the area. Our views from the campground provide not only the famous red rock formations but also a breathtaking view of the LaSal mountains.  It’s a 360 degree view of absolute beauty.  On our days off, we have been taking drives all over the place, finding pullouts places for hiking or just scenic views.  A few times, we have come across access roads that clearly would not accommodate our 350 dually comfortably, so we park and walk from other points.  We are also just a few miles from the Colorado river that provides a wide range of opportunities to get out and enjoy the area such as canoeing, whitewater rafting and fishing.  

 We were fortunate enough to hook up with a jeep guide who took us up to climb the rocks at Sandflats Recreational Area on a trail called Hells Revenge.  This was an amazing trip providing us with not only an amazing experience of climbing the rocks and crazy obstacles but also views you can’t see unless you jeep up the rocks.  

The LaSal Mountains are very close as well providing incredible scenic views and an abundance of wildlife. The scenery changes dramatically as your altitude increases from red rock to gorgeous birch and cottonwood forest. Our travels up towards the mountains did not disappoint despite our occasional wrong turns.  Our only major obstacle has been that there is still considerable snow on the ground at about 9000′ that, even in 4WD, we were unable to go any higher.  

We continue to enjoy exploring the area and look forward to more adventures over the summer!!