Mancos to Moab. Stunning views the entire drive.  We only had about 120 miles to go.  I like a short day at the beginning and the end.  The weather was chilly and overcast but no major issues.  It’s amazing how many beautiful things are right here within a short drive.  I began to feel a bit better as we started on this leg and I think we were both ready to get parked for the season.  The dogs most certainly could sense that we are on the final leg of the trip and spent less time sleeping and more time paying attention to the road.  They have become very in tune with us on this trip.  Buster, in fact, came up to the front seat which he rarely does and wanted to sit in my lap.  Abby stayed in her spot in the back, but kept an eye on us.  

Today’s travel gave us both views of mountains and the red rock landscape and structures that is absolutely amazing.  It seemed like everywhere you look, there is this incredible beauty.  Once we arrived to the campground, we were awe struck by the views from every corner.  There is no doubt that the American southwest is an amazing part of the country. 

We arrive mid afternoon, shown to our site and given a few days to get acclimated and take a drive around town. Moab is not a very big town truthfully, but there is lots to see and do.  We were given a general snapshot of the area with the much needed basics such as grocery and restaurants.  The biggest difference is that Moab is quite a ways from the big box stores and big chain grocery, which is quite the contrast to living in the Orlando area the past two years.  We also happened to arrive just before the big Jeep Rally which people come from all over the country and Canada to take part of.  We have never seen so many Jeeps or configuration of Jeeps until now. Talking to the campers, this is a yearly highlight for most, to make the trek to Moab to take part in this event and drive their Jeeps all over the rocks that surround Moab.  

We are very much looking forward to exploring the area, with 3 major national parks nearby as well as a number of BLM land begging to be driven and hiked.  

Although we are now parked for the summer, the adventures are certainly just beginning!  Now it is time to unpack the rig, get our work schedule and explore the great Southwest!