We really enjoyed our stay in Grants New Mexico at the KOA.  The owners were so very friendly and helpful and the food they offered for dinner and breakfast was really good! We didn’t really appreciate what the area had to offer and decided that this may be a spot we would like to come back to on another journey.  With that said, our morning departure had us a little more on edge than previous legs, primarily due to weather concerns.  We had been blessed with pretty good weather most of the trip and in fact, after leaving Texas, there was a pretty significant weather episode that went through. However, our main concern leaving Grants and heading into Colorado was the potential for wind and possibly snow.  Nothing too bad, but enough to keep us on edge, well to be fair, Jim on edge since he does all the driving. We knew we would be hitting some elevation and in fact as we crossed the continental divide and the dogs decided they were in need of a much needed potty break, we did get some snow.  Light snow or rain typically makes the roads a little squirrelly anywhere you are, but when you add in freezing temps and the fact that you are pulling a 40′ fifth wheel behind you, it can be quite nerve wracking.  Truth is, we probably worried more than we should and everything turned out just fine.  The passes were no issues and the views were gorgeous.  

The drive continued to be incredible with snow capped mountains in the distance. We continued to increase our elevation which kept our temperatures a bit on the chilly side.  We have been traveling mostly 2 lane highways with very little traffic, small towns and breaktaking views. Quite truthfully, it was at this point that we realized that we really were finally following our dream that we set out for back in 2012.  It was even mentioned in conversation more than once, that we certainly want to explore more of the west. 

Unfortunately, I was beginning to feel a bit under the weather, probably a combination of road food and elevation was getting the best of me and as our travels continued, it became clear that our planned two day stop would be a nice break, but it would also mean that I would be unable to do much in the way of exploring as we had hoped.  This proved to be a great disappointment to both of us, as we were just a few miles from Mesa Verde National a Park which was on our bucket list.  Instead we took a few days to just relax and enjoy some downtime and decided that we will have to try again on our way back east in the fall.  

This is our last stop before we pull into Moab Utah for the summer and begin our workamping season at the KOA.  We are both excited about what the summer will bring, but we are also, very much, missing our family and friends back home.  It seems surreal that we have been traveling for almost three weeks with nothing but open road ahead of us and so many new adventures.