After spending a few days in Roswell New Mexico and not finding much of interest in the area, it was time to move to our next location in Grants New Mexico.  The highlight of this leg of the journey was most certainly the scenery. After many days of relatively flat terrain, we were now beginning to see more mountains as our elevation increases.   The landscape continue to be spectacular with the hills and plateaus that can be seen for miles and miles.   Another interesting aspect of our drive has been the lack of traffic. Until we got to Albuquerque, we had seen very few cars or encountered any traffic to speak of. With the exception of the occasional semi, we haven’t seen many other cars or campers.  With our route taking us primarily through some small towns, there really isn’t much in central to northern New Mexico.  However, eastbound traffic west of Albuquerque was a mess.  They were doing some road construction on the east bound lanes and had traffic down to one lane.  It seemed the mass exodus out of Arizona is in full swing as we saw more campers in a 20 miles stretch than we had seen in over 2 weeks!!  

Our destination for the night at the Grants/Cibola Sands KOA did not disappoint. It was a quaint campground with spectacular views.  The owners were incredibly nice with treats for both us and the dogs!!  We then ordered turkey dinners from the little cafe and they delivered it right to the camper!  Such a nice touch.  The campground and surrounding area has volcanic rock scattered all around which was an interesting thing to see.  It wasn’t something that we expected to see in New Mexico.  They even had signs that explained that it was in fact volcanic rocks and that supposed to be there and it wasn’t chewed up asphalt dropped off by the highway department.   

While this was just an overnight stop, we added it to our list of places to return to, particularly since we didn’t realize that there actually is quite a bit to see and do in the area.  

Let the adventure continue!