One of our planned stops was Roswell, New Mexico.  Of course this destination was on purpose, since it is one of those places that you hear about and should stop and see when in the area.  The location was on our bucket list as well as on our route, so we decided to take a few days to explore the infamous alien adventure.  Researching online provided mixed reviews at best, but decidedly gave us the impression that the aliens are everywhere. Well, we either were not looking in the right places, or the attractions have peaked and are now on a quick down slide.  

Roswell claim to fame is of course the crash of 1946.  The crash site itself is not in Roswell but about 90 miles west.  There is a quirky “museum” in Roswell that presumedly is dedicated to all things UFO. What it really is, is a collection of newspaper articles, some documentation from witnesses plastered to wall of what looks like a giant science fair gathering.  There is also an animated alien ship with statues of aliens that “goes off” every 15 minutes or so.  To be fair, some of the reading is very interesting, but I don’t think it will sway you one way or the other of how you may feel about extra-terrestrials.  You either believe or you don’t, and by no means will your passage through the attraction change your mind.  

The town itself is small and with the exception of a few alien blowups, “aliens welcome” sign and statues scattered throughout Main Street, you would have no idea that you entered a proclaimed historical area.  It appears as though interest in UFOs may have peaked in the early to mid 1990s. Some claim all the theories have been debunked and therefore, interest is waning.   

Was it worth it?  Sure it was! It doesn’t cost very much, it’s a cool piece of history regardless of whether it is true or not and it was fun.  The whole idea of this trip is to do fun things.  People travel from all over for quirky sites and venues. Now we can say we have been there and done that and we don’t have to do it again.  Onward and westward we go!