Our journey out of Fort Stockton was windy!!  We had head winds all day and the temperature dropped the further west and north we went.  We knew that would be a potential this time of year, but we need to be at our final destination in Moab the first week of April. The scenery remained pretty constant with oil rigs all over the area but you could see the hills in the distance. Because everything is so flat, the distance you could see was incredible, even with the gloomy skies.  When we would come into the small towns, there was no doubt that much of this area is now occupied predominantly by oil and pipeline workers.  Many of the buildings were run down and closed up, but if you like antique cars, trucks and equipment, there is lots of those types of things tucked away in garages, barns and front yards.  Carlsbad was our first “big” town and had the most traffic we have seen in nearly a week.  And by traffic, I mean just a few cars truthfully.  It was nothing like being in Kissimmee Florida.  In fact, we probably had more traffic in and out of the campground in Kissimmee than we have seen in a week on the road! 

Trying to take pictures on the road from the truck doesn’t do the landscape justice. It is truly beautiful out here.  As we continue our journey west and north, we realize how important it is becoming to take time to see this amazing country. Even though we are on a bit of a time table, we have seen more in the past couple of weeks than we have in years.  We continue to jot down places we would like to come back to as well as places we likely won’t visit again.  So far, we don’t have any of the latter, except that our dogs hate Texas grass (or lack there of in most cases). We are hoping the longer we are out west the more accustomed they will become to the yucky grass/gravel/dirt they hate at the moment. 

Our destination for the next couple of days is in Roswell New Mexico.  We decided during the planning stages that we might as well stop and see alien nation before we continued west.  We stayed at Town and Country RV which was about as close to the town as you could get with the nicest facilities. One side is a mobile home park and the other an RV park.  They had done a recent expansion which provides much bigger and nicer sites, in my opinion, that in the original area.  It’s basically a no frills park that is quite suitable when in the area.  

With that said, our experience in Roswell wasn’t quite what we had expected.  We thought there might be more alien like memorabilia, displays and attractions, but sadly that was not the case.  The museum seems to be the center of attention, but with a name like “International UFO Musuem and Research Center”, we were expecting something, well, more museum and research like. 

At any rate, this was one of those stops that we decided we would be passing though, so while in Roswell, we might as well take in the quirky sites.