As we pulled out of Vanderpool Texas this morning, one thing was certain: once a Navy family, always a Navy family.  Regardless of how long it has been since we last spoke or seen each other, we pick up where we left off and continue forward. This visit was designed so that we could spend some quality time together that was long overdue.  It was this family that encouraged us to go full time and travel this great country that we spent so many years defending.

 The purpose of this visit was not only to see their daughter, our god daughter, get married, but to reconnect with the family that we grew up Navy with so many years ago. We were all stationed in a Maine for our last tour and our children grew up together, our families connected and like most military families, we all retired and moved in different directions.  It’s been over 10 years since we had seen the kids, but we had seen their parents a few years ago, when they came down to Florida, so that us girls, could celebrate our 40th birthday together.  As fate would have it, we were born the same day, the same year, just hours apart and on 2 different continents. 

A few days in one spot also meant we could take care of some repairs that needed to be tended to.  Specifically our awning that had been sun beaten while in Florida the past few years. We ordered the awning before we left Florida and had it shipped to Texas so that the boys could replace it while the girls went to the grandson’s tee ball game.  

Our travels today took us out of the hills and west to Fort Stockton. The further west we got, the more our route flattened out. On either side of th highway, you could see the hills that dot the landscape and it is definitely beautiful.  I have never driven through Texas before and it was fascinating to see the difference between east and west Texas.  The weather proved favorable with just a little bit of scattered rain and wind.  We arrived at Fort Stockton RV which is a popular overnight park right off of I-10.  Its a very nice park with pull thru sites, a great dog park and the Roadrunner Cafe which serves breakfast and dinner.  We had learned that it is generally pretty windy there most of the time and boy is it windy. A good dust storm kicked up with gusts over 40mph covering everything in a layer of dirt.  The forecast called for thunderstorms and wind throughout the night and we were spared the worst of the weather that went east of us.  

After a good night sleep, our next travel day will take us out of Texas and into New Mexico where we will stop for a couple of days for some site seeing.