As our time at McKinney Falls State Park came to an end, we had some weather moving in that we had to be mindful of for our departure.  We were expecting thunderstorms and wind throughout the night and into the morning which would impact our travel day.  While rain in and of itself is generally not a big deal, heavy rain and wind can be a challenge when pulling the rig.  Thankfully, we are not in a hurry and checkout wasn’t until 2pm, so it gave us some time to ride out the impending weather.  In the morning, it was gray and cloudy with light rain and wind, but nothing like they had predicted for our area, however, there was a line of storms that we would have to drive through, so we stayed put until lunchtime when the line began to break up and we decided it would be safe to travel.  It was a short travel day to our next destination, about 150 miles, to Vanderpool Texas.  

The drive proved to be quite beautiful as we headed out of Austin towards hill country.  The skies began to clear the further west we drove.  Once we got off the highway and ventured out onto country roads, the drive began the climb in and out of the hills, with winding roads and farms and ranches everywhere.  Everything from cattle, Bison, antelope and even zebra.  Vanderpool is in the middle of nowhere and most noted for Lost Maples State Natural Area and the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum.  

We came into Vanderpool to see Navy friends and to attend our goddaughter’s wedding.  In fact, it was this family who encouraged us to go full time just as they had.  We met in the Navy nearly 20 years ago and our children grew up together.  We haven’t seen the kids in about 10 years and it is hard to believe that they are now all grown with families of their own.  

This stop has been fantastic.  Not only to catch up with our Navy family, we met new friends, had the pleasure of staying in a beautiful area to break up our travels and most importantly, witness one of their children get married!  We have such a blessed life and we are so very grateful.   It is adventures like this that make being on the road so rewarding.  We are able to arrange our schedule to meet up with folks we haven’t seen in far to long and visit places we have never been to before.  We have so many other places we want to visit and many more friends to see as well.  

This trip has shown us how beautiful this country is and although, we are on a bit of a time schedule, we hope, over time, to be able to pick some destinations in our travels and stay a little longer to enjoy what each place has to offer.  In the meantime, we continue to enjoy and learn on our adventure.