We had a foggy start to our travels today as we continued our way west to Austin Texas. As we continued the drive on I-10, we began to notice subtle changes in scenery again.  This time we started to see wildflower fields which were beautiful. As we approached Austin, we could begin to see just a glimpse of entering hill country. The road system is a little different than we are used to with access roads paralleling the highway.  

At one point we got off of I-10 and began our trek on 71.  There really isn’t much on this road with the exception of some neat and quirky roadside diners and country stores.  At one point, Buster alerted us that either he or Abby was ready for a potty break (even though they just had one less than an hour before), so as we were driving, I was looking up somewhere to pull off on a variety of apps and maps and wasn’t having much luck.  We finally just started eye-balling placing to see if there was somewhere we could get in and our relatively easy. We finally found a little country store and gas station with a huge parking lot that we were able to get into and back in off to the side to let the pups have a little grass time. Sure enough, we had a winner and we were on our way again.  

Our only hiccup this leg was a blown tail light on the truck that we discovered at the end of our travels the day before.  Fortunately it was the truck and not the trailer, so we were able to continue our journey until we arrived in Austin for a few days, disconnect and hit the auto part store.  

Our final destination for the day was McKinney Falls State Park.  On approach, we saw another large fifth wheel ahead of us heading in the same direction and we took that as a good sign that we should be ok in this park.  State parks can be a challenge sometimes for bigger rigs.  We chose this location to be near a friend that we had not seen in a number of years that we met workamping a few summers ago.  This park also is known for some amazing trails and waterfalls that we wanted to check out while in town. 

At check in, the staff was fantastic and so patient, however I had a little giggle when the camper in front us insisted on having a site that is satelite friendly. First of all, it’s a state park and second, your camping, in a state park no less.  That’s just one of my pet peeves I guess.  Yes, we full time and there is an argument if we are camping or glamping, however, I am quite content with no TV which we frequently do without, particularly if we are just in for a few days to a week.  

Once we got checked in, we headed off to our site.  Boy oh boy did we get lucky!!  It is a huge pull off site facing a mass of green space!!  The sites are far enough apart to afford some privacy and the vegetation adds not only some scenery but a little buffer as well. This is a beautiful park and one we will add to the list of repeat visits.  

Having the extra day to relax before heading out again has been a welcome blessing.  It gives us the opportunity to get some groceries, do any repairs that need immediate attention, get things cleaned up and get the laundry done.  Although the next leg of our trip is only about 200 miles and we will be at that location for four days to attend our Goddaughter’s wedding as well as visit with some Navy buddies.