We enjoyed a shorter travel day today.  We covered about 270 miles and the weather and traffic could not have been nicer.  I-10 wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated, after reading a number of posts over the past few weeks regarding the conditions of the roads and construction.  Our travel day ended just at the border of Mississippi and Louisiana, so we will see how things go when we travel through Louisiana in the next few days.  

Our day started without any major issues, but we did have a goofy glitch in the leveling system when trying to get the jacks up, then I squished the hubby’s foot with the slide as we were placing the guide carpets down. But all is well that ends well.  

The change in landscape continues to be pretty amazing considering that most of our travels have been up and down the east coast and mostly Florida the past few years.  Once we got out of the panhandle, we began to see more wetlands as we traveled through Alabama and Mississippi.  Driving through Mobile an adventure as we approached the George Wallace tunnel, which in truth is not an issue, but we weren’t entirely sure.  We had researched our route in the weeks leading up to our sail date and it appeared early on that it shouldn’t be a problem, but as we are pulling a rather large fifth wheel, we wanted to make absolutely certain.  Our GPS indicated that our length could be a problem as we drove through Alabama and Mississippi so it was trying to reroute us north to eliminate the bridges and tunnels on I10 over the water. This would take us way out of our way and with I10 being a major interstate, we became confident that it would not be an issue and we would disregard the GPS rerouting and stay on I10.  

Our final destination for the next couple of days was at Bay Hidesway RV in Bay St Louis Mississippi. It is situated just a few miles from the highway.  It is a quaint campground with what looks to be mostly seasonal guests who are quite friendly.  The sites are a combination of grass and gravel.  We chose this location due to its proximity to a variety of fun things to see and do.  There are beaches nearby, casinos and the John C Stennis Space Center. 

We still have quite a bit of territory to get through before we arrive in Moab for the summer. There are many planned stops to visit friends, do some site seeing as well as scoping out potential stops for the way back in the fall.  

The adventure continues!