Today was our first travel day of our biggest trip yet as we head to Utah for the summer. It was incredibly difficult to say goodbye to all of our dear friends that have become family over the past 2.5 years. I haven’t cried this much in ages, and it was a combination of sad, happy and excited tears.  Our plan was never to stay in one place this long, but life had a different agenda at the time. We have been blessed, not only with the people in our lives, but also a steady workamping job at an amazing campground during the past few years.  But now, here we are, day 1 and 60 miles into our trip.  We have approximately 2500 miles to go. That’s right, our shakedown trip was only 60 miles, but that was intentional as it places us within just a few minutes of our family and our grandson for a final goodbye before we leave for the summer.  It also is a good run to make sure everything is good before our first long haul of the day.  

This was the first time in far to long that we packed everything back up into the rig for a trip.  We were a little nervous about getting the puzzle together, but managed to do so with room to spare.  We also realized, that much of our stuff will remain in travel mode until we reach our summer destination. Just something else to get used to.  Everything seemed to travel well with no major issues or cabinet casualties, which does tend to happen while traveling.  We did discover one screw the came out of somewhere, but have yet to find out where.  We also have a drawer that doesn’t like to stay put while traveling, but a little duct tape will fix that until we figure out how to replace the broke latch. 

The dogs traveled well for this leg of the trip.  We didn’t have to make any pit stops along the way since it was such a short trip and they slept most of the way.  Abby, our Mini Schnauzer tends to get car sick the first few days of travel but she did great. So far, the hardest part for them is the fact that we didn’t put up all their fencing so that they can sit with us and boy did we hear about it. 

Our first stop was Sanlan RV and Golf in Lakeland Florida.  We have stayed at this campground before.  They have done a lot of work over the past few years and we like it even more.  Aside from location, this park has many things to enjoy such as golf and trails.  It is easily accessible with a big rig, although the roads and sites are a bit narrow and tight. There are nice open fields to walk the dogs and a lot of wildlife to see.  Beautiful birds, deer and some good sized alligators as well.  

We are ever so grateful for the blessed life that we have and the ability to travel this great country. Everyday is an adventure and we look forward to journey that lies ahead.