We spent a lot of time in central Florida. Specifically Kissimmee Florida over the past 4 winters and 2 summers.  Our first winter in Kissimmee was a stroke of luck since we had come to Florida without a workamping job lined up. We were parked in Webster Florida about 2 hours north of the Orlando area.  We had our resume open and we received a phone call from the general manager at the Kissimmee KOA that they had an opening had due to another couple unable to stay for the season and he asked if we were available to work. Anyone who is looking for workamping jobs in Florida for the winter, knows how difficult it can be. Everyone wants to be in Florida for the winter. We jumped at the opportunity, as it would provide us not only with work, but also a great location to launch from to see and do central Florida.  It also puts us that much closer to our family who lived within about an hour in any direction. 

People generally come to Kissimmee for its proximity to the 3 major theme parks:  Disney, Universal and Sea World, however also nearby is Old Town, Gatorland, Legoland and the Kennedy Space Center. If you aren’t into the theme parks, there is a ton of shopping to include massive outlets and flea markets as well as a wide variety of fantastic food options. There is also great golf courses in the area, some of the best fishing in central Florida and if the beach if your thing, you are only about an hour or so from either coast of Florida.  

We did become pass holders for all the theme parks at one point or another, enjoying access at a snails pace even during peak season.  Truth be known, our favorite is Disney. We learned that Disney is most certainly not just for children.  Both Sea World and Universal we enjoyed, but just didn’t get the same wow factor after repeat visits.  We also went to Kennedy Space Center a couple of times and really enjoyed that as a change of pace and learned about the wonders of the space program.  History is never boring!  

Food became another pass time for us.  Who doesn’t enjoy a great meal?  We certainly developed favorites over time and highly recommend a few restaurants.  There is a great Mexican place, El Tenampa, that doesn’t look like much from the outside, but has the best food. Mannys Chop House has great steaks, but due to its popularity, the wait can be long.  Is it worth it? Sure it is! The best burgers we ate were at Gators Dockside.  For seafood, we look to Cape May Cafe at Epcot Beach Club Resort.  Difficult to get into and requires a reservation, but hands down the best seafood around.  If your headed to the Atlantic Coast to check out Kennedy Space Center, a great seafood option there is Dixie Crossroads in Titusville.  There are a few dinner shows in the area that are fun also.  Our favorite would have to be Capones.  The food is ok but the show is fantastic.  Medevil Times is fun also and the food a bit better. 

The truth is, we didn’t explore nearly as much as we could or should have, primarily because we got stuck in a rut working, spending time with family and tending to some medical issues.  We did get lots (and I mean lots) of golf in and lots of Disney.  Do we regret it? Absolutely not.  We did what we enjoyed doing.  There will come a day when we can come back to the area more as tourists than as residents and we will be able to explore those things that we missed the first time around.