Another end to a workamping season is upon us.  With just a week to go before we head out on our biggest adventure ever, we have had to start to say goodbye to friends and family.  Whether we have been in one spot for a few days, weeks, months or in this case, years, it’s always hard to say goodbye.  As our time dwindles down, we have had a few “last” adventures and visits with family and friends.  But that also means that soon, we will have many “firsts” to look forward to.

Our countdown began when we took a summer position in Utah I December. At that time we had over 100 days to go.  It seemed like an eternity. While we are certainly excited, it is also so very bittersweet to leave our family, the friends that have become family and the comfort of what has been our home for the past 2 years. It seemed as though we had plenty of time to get things organized and prepared to get the rig ready to go.  Now with just a week left, it appears as though there is so much to do and not enough time.  Our days have been filled not only with work, but last doctor appointments before we head out, last visits with friends and family and must do things such as checks, repairs and replacements to ensure we are ready for the road. 

After sitting in one place for so long, we have accumulated much more things than we need.  The beginning of a new trip allows us to go through our things and begin to purge the excess.  This process can be in and of itself exciting as we go through drawers, cabinets and bins, some of which haven’t been touched in months. We typically find things that haven’t been used and can donate, or things that haven’t been used because of our location and we will hang on to until we get through another season in the new location. 

It is during this transition time, we will also begin to use up things that we don’t want to travel with, primarily food.  With a full pantry, for example, we will get creative with meal planning so that we can lighten the load a bit and not do any major grocery shopping until we get to the next destination.  Of course, we will pick up staples along the way, but we won’t make any bulk food runs.  

With all the preparations being made, the most important things we try to do is to reflect on our time and the memories that we have made, exchange contact information and even make plans to meet up with friends along the way. After all, it’s never really goodbye, but until we meet again!  

Safe travels and journeys my friends, keep in touch and enjoy the adventure.