As our winter commitment comes to an end, our summer adventure will soon begin. With just a few short weeks left here in central Florida, we are looking forward to our grand westward adventures.  This will be all new territory for us, since the furthest west we have ever been (in the RV), is Gulf Shores Alabama. We were both stationed on the west coast at one point in our Navy careers, and we have both driven from the west coast to Maine and Florida, but never in an RV and never with the luxury of time on our side. We have over 2000 miles to drive and so many fantastic places to explore along the way. We are blessed to be able to to take our time, almost 3 weeks, to get to our summer workamping destination. Along the way, our hope is to see a few friends and family along the way as well as visit a few tourist stops and golf courses.  

Being that we are planners, we do have reservations in place on our route to include a mix of campgrounds, RV resorts and state parks.  The planning process can be somewhat tedious, but certainly makes us much more comfortable knowing that we have a place to stop for the night. Some people don’t plan quite as detailed as we do, but it works for us.  We know that there is always a chance we may have to be flexible in our travels, but the comfort of knowing we have a reservation somewhere is comforting for us.  Although, with that said, my husband would be ok with stopping overnight at a truck stop or rest area if necessary.

Since we have been parked in the same location for 2 years, we are a little rusty. We also made the choice to not work next winter.  This added another interesting element in our planning the upcoming year as we know how challenging it can be to find a spot for the winter, particularly in central Florida.  We would like to come back to this area because we have family nearby and it’s nice to see them if even for just a few months. However, not only is finding a spot a challenge but it is also incredibly expensive.  Monthly rates in Florida average over $1000 a month. While there are reasonably prices campgrounds, some are not quite the types of places that we would enjoy being at for any length of time.  We decided instead, that it might be fun (and a little more reasonable financially), to stay at a variety of state parks for the winter.  Since many if not most parks in Florida fill up a year in advance, we went ahead and made some reservations for next winter so that we wouldn’t get here with no where to park.  

We are not quite sure if taking a season off from workamping will work for us, but we are going to give it a go.  We have enjoyed the past 5 years of workamping and will continue to do so, particularly in the summer, but we are looking forward to just spending next winter enjoying time with our family, particularly our Grandson, without limiting ourselves with a work schedule.