We never gave much thought of the impact some people would have in our lives during our travels.  As we have wandered up and down the east coast for the past few years, we have met some wonderful folks along the way.  Since we have fallen into a snowbird pattern ourselves, we run into many of the same folks either while traveling or once we reach our destination for the season.  Whether we were workamping or just passing through, the networking aspect is one of the things we really cherish in the full time lifestyle.  One of the most influential meetings came to us while working at Amazon our first winter season in 2012.   With the hundreds of people that we met, we connected with another couple who was close to our age and we have been friends ever since.  We now frequently travel together in our north and south journeys as well as arranging for meeting during the season if we are not close by.  While workamping, we frequently meet other workampers, full timers and seasonal campers that we look forward to reconnecting with for the season.  We don’t really consider ourselves super social people, but seeing a friendly face is always welcome! 

We have compared the full time life to our Navy days.  There are lots of hellos and goodbyes but we have met some wonderful folks, some of whom become close friends and that we have stayed connected with even when our lives take us in different directions.

Social media has played a huge role, and while I tend to have a love-hate relationship with it, the ability to keep up with friends around the country is a nice perk.  

Even the dogs have friends along the way that they enjoy reuniting with. 

The bottom line is that campers are a unique group of people who tend to stick together, help each other out and because we are all living either full time, part time or weekend warrior types, we all share a common connection of life on the road, in the wilderness and enjoyed the beauty of this great country.