There is nothing better than rolling into a new campground and meeting new friends.  Even better is to check to see if our friends new and old have left some “pee-mail”. We love to meet new friends! And then there are the treats!  How much fun it is to learn which neighbors have the best treats!  It might even be the camp store, sometimes they have great treats as well. But before we can get there, Mom and Dad have to get us there.

It’s hard work getting Mom and Dad to get us to a new place because we have to supervise. There is so much to do and we must make sure they get it all done so we have to stay with them every step of the way (literally). When Mom and Dad begin to really clean and put things away we know it’s time to get serious about supervising.  We must make sure that they not only forget to put everything in it’s traveling place, but most importantly we must make sure they don’t forget us either.  We have to follow them around making sure everything is picked up.  Sometimes they may forget something, like our blankets and toys so we have to lay on top if them to remind them so that it is not forgotten.  Typically during this process, we have to raise our voices and even use our big kid voices to make sure they hear us.  Apparently, they are becoming hard of hearing over the years and yes, this goes on for hours.  It’s exhausting and irritating that we have to speak so sharply, but things must get done.

Once we inspect and see that everything is put away properly inside, then it’s time to get started on the outside.  However, more often than not, the day we are leaving they always leave our food and water bowls in the same spot! Come on, who are they fooling.  There is no time to eat when there is so much to do and don’t even get us started on the pillows and blankets that need to go into the truck but noooooooo, there they sit on the couch, ready to get crushed by a slide when it comes in. Every, single, time!  

Our Dad usually does the outside stuff and for some reason, despite our objections, Mom takes us for a walk. He needs are help and she takes us for a walk.  There is no time for a walk now, we must tell Dad which order the fencing needs to come down and to be sure he doesn’t forget any pieces.  Generally as we are walking away, Buster is able to get a few last words in while Abby maintains faith that Dad will get the job done without us.  

 By the time we get back from our walk, the fence is down and hopefully all the pieces are in.  We have to check to be sure that the chairs are also put away.  We can’t go to another place without our chairs! After a few more words, Mom puts us in the truck, the AC is on and they didn’t forget our blankets and pillows! Whew! 

It takes them FOREVER, to get the truck hooked up so that we can get moving.  Once again, we have to explain how to finish the process so that we can get on the road. Once we get going, it is generally smooth sailing.  Mom and Dad stop every couple of hours so we can all stretch our legs and walk a bit.  But the truth is we are tired from all the work and just want to sleep.  Mom and Dad have it easy just driving down the road.  

As the day goes on, the excitement builds and once we are off the highway, we know they are getting close.  We may have to give a few last minute directions because the GPS may not be right, so we just have to sure.  Sometimes, Abby gets so worked up she may even get sick! It’s so tough to get good help sometimes, ya know? 

Once we arrive, the work begins again, only this time in reverse.  Apparently Mom and Dad think they know it all and Dad prefers to do it all himself. Doesn’t he know that we are just trying to help?    So Mom takes us for another walk, which we don’t really mind since this is the time that we can check our pee-mail and get some treats from someone. Heck after a long day, we even settle for a couple of head and belly rubs. By the time we come back from our walk, we see that Dad actually did a pretty good job not only getting the rig in, but also getting the house back in order.  Our pillows and blankets are back on the couch and our food and water are back where they belong as well.  However, for some reason, Mom and Dad now think it is time to just sit around and do nothing.  Are you kidding us?  Does this place have a bark park? Are there new friends to meet? Who has the best treats? We might have missed some mail the first time around! 

Fortunately for us, Mom and Dad usually listen without as much persuasion this time and we all get to go and check things out.   Mom takes some pictures and Dad shows us some fun things to go and look at.  The truth is, Mom and Dad listen pretty well and we love them.  Sometime we wish they would let us help a little more,  but so far, so good.