Whether living in a traditional home or traveling full time on the road it is easy to get stuck in a rut. But also, life has a way of throwing curve balls from time to time. Sometimes it’s work related, sometimes it’s illness. Sometimes you just like where you are. You go through your daily routine and next thing you know, days, weeks, months and even years go by. When we set off to travel the county in our fifth wheel, we knew we would be following the sun north in the summer and south in the winter. We followed this pattern the first two years on the road. 

When we got on the road, our son was away at school in central Pennsylvania so our first three summer campgrounds included Pennsylvania and Maryland. This allowed us to be close for major activities and events during parts of the school year and allow him a break from the cold on vacations when we headed south for the winter.  

Within just 1 year of getting on the road, we had some major life events that took place. We lost 3 out of 5 parents and our son graduated high school. We were fortunate to have such gracious employers (workamping) that allowed us to tend to family business as it came up.  We continued our north and south trend until recently when our last living parents who happens to live nearby our winter workamping job had declining health last winter.  Our initial plan was to go to Ohio the summer of 2015 and then head back to Florida in the winter. Our plan for summer of 2016 was to be in Yellowstone. However, having taken care of both my parents and his Dad for so many years, we knew we would have to stay located in Florida during the summer to ensure we were available for any assistance. As we continued through this winter, the need for us to stay put only increased.  

So while we have been “stuck” in a location for much longer than we anticipated, we have been blessed to keep our workamping job, be nearby when needed and still enjoy our full time lifestyle.  We have pulled out a few times to explore other areas of Florida which has been nice. But this was not exactly what we had in mind when we ventured off in 2012, but we have the flexibility to be not only where we want to be, but where we need to be as well. We will hopefully start traveling again in 2017. That is our current plan. But for now, we will enjoy our time in Florida, seeing the sites and enjoying the sun. 

We sit down from time to time to discuss where we would like to go next. Our decisions are based on many factors that include being flexible. We know that our son may get married one day and start a family and we will be available for that. We also have nephews and nieces that will be graduating high school soon and we would like to be there for those as well. 

We do know for sure that our current situation is temporary and that we will kick the tires and light the fires once again and continue to travel this great country.  The bottom line is simple, we are blessed to be where we are for whatever reason.