Even the best laid plans can go haywire. Typically when we start to plan an adventure there are many things that we have to take into consideration. Planning our route and our stops are at the top of the planning agenda, things that are not quite as certain but taken into consideration is weather, traffic and construction. Our first year on the road proved to be adventurous as we encountered Super Storm Sandy on our trip south from Maryland. We were blessed to travel without issue or consequence but we did have to make some decisions as we traveled. We arrived in Virginia at Dixie Caverns Campground. It was a great overnight stop right off the highway. Very much a parking lot for RVs, it was a good choice considering the plan was to just spend the night and continue south. The news channels were covering the storm barreling up the coast with the potential for significant snowfall, ice and rain for the mid Atlantic region and New England over the next 24 hours and was right in our path. Others we had spoke to said they were going to hunker down right there until it passed, but Jim and I decided to wait and see what happened overnight and into the morning. We went to bed with thoughts of potential snowmageddin when we woke up. If that were the case, we would likely stay put. Neither of us were excited in pulling our 40′ fifth wheel in inclimate weather much less in storm-zilla. 

We woke up in the morning with a bit of a dusting with the prediction of 12-14″ of snow by lunch time. We decided it would be better if we just went ahead and pulled out and continued our journey south. We did hit a little bit of snow for a couple of hours, then it changed to rain by lunchtime. We knew by the end of the day we should be out of the worst of it. By the time we arrived in South Carolina, it was nothing but blue skies and sunshine. 

We had spent a number of winters in Maine and New York in the years leading up to our full time adventure. We have enjoyed snow and cold and we were ready for a change. The thought of getting stuck in a significant weather event in an RV was just not on the radar at the time. But it did make us think and appreciate that while we are on wheels, we have to be flexible in our itineraries. We have to plan and have a back up plan just in case. And when staring down an event beyond our control, we just have to make the best decision that we can that will get ourselves and our home to the next destination safely.