When it comes to decorating our fifth wheel, it really isn’t much different than when we decorated our stick and brick house.  Truth is, the hardest part is finding available space.  In our stick and brick house, there was a number of places to display knick knacks, artwork and pictures.  In particular, we didn’t think twice about hammering in a nail for a new photo frame or putting up shelving to display our son’s trophies. However, in our camper, we quickly discovered that since we were obviously limited on flat spaces to display some cherished items, we also had to be a bit more creative and conservative with our willingness to put things up on the walls.

One of the best examples is pictures.  A typical house has it’s walls, desks and tables adorned with pictures of parents, grandparents, children, pets, weddings and other special events and activities. Many of these pictures are typically in a beautiful frame commemorating such events.  In our campers, we don’t have the space or weight to carry around a bunch of frames for our pictures and we needed to come up with an alternative solution, so we decided on a digital photo frame.  The concept is perfect for scaled down living since you can showcase many pictures in the space of what would have been just one.

We still have a few “old fashioned” pictures lying around that are strategically placed primarily on cabinet doors throughout the camper, but the bulk of them that we scanned have found a home in the basement or spare room of family members who have the room to hang on to them.

While it was a time consuming task to scan all of our pictures (I am talking thousands), once it was done, we discovered how easy it is to upload pictures into the frame and we can change them out regularly on a digital frame like this one:


In the digital age today, the truth is that most pictures in the past 10-15 years were never developed or printed.  They sit on our phones and computers waiting to be displayed or presented.  We no longer sift through photo albums of paper pictures, but rather gather around a monitor of some sort to take a trip through memory lane and the digital frame fits our needs perfectly as a space saving component that allows us to preserve our memories.