If you are like us, our pets are a part of our families. And just like us, our pets need to go to the doctor from time to time. Whether it is just for a check up or for (heaven forbid) an injury. When you are moving around frequently, it can be a daunting task to find a vet in your new location that you can trust. There are a number of vets all across the country. We have discovered utilizing a nationwide chain to be our best bet, particularly as it allows our dogs records to be accessed instantly regardless of our current location. That is not to say that utilizing a local vet cannot get access to pets records from the previous vet, but we have found that requirements are the same everywhere we go, we don’t have to pay for an “initial visit” each time we find a new vet and their history, immunization records, allergies etc are all right in their system.  In theory, nothing gets lost. We also utilize the same brand to do all of our grooming as well. The theory remains the same, everything is in their system and there is no doubt as to whether or not they are up to date on their immunizations.  In addition,  the requirements of their grooming are already logged into the computer as well as their personalities and any concerns that we may have.

We have learned through our experiences with different locations, that some vets are better than others and the same holds true for the groomers. But in reality, that is no different than a doctor or dentist that we may visit as well. In part, it is just a relief to be able to walk into any clinic and get care without having to explain everything from the beginning again.

Vet care and grooming is just a small portion of caring for our dogs on the road, but it is one of the major topics that people always ask us.  It just seemed to make sense to us, to be able to provide them with the care they need, as well as giving them a “spa” day a few times a year, with a nation wide chain that would eliminate some of the headaches and stress of trying to figure it out in case of an emergency.

We always try to research our next location to see what kind of services will be available and if we will need to find other options.