In 2007, after retiring from the Navy, we knew there would be some transition from Navy life to civilian life. We had a plan, a job and a place to live. It seemed as though all was well. But as you know, life does not always go as planned. As events begun to unfold, we found ourselves not nearly as happy as we should have been and it was time for a change. We knew that, but didn’t know what that was. We had discussed a number of ideas, none of which seemed feasible. We could stay where we were, but we knew deep down it wasn’t where we were meant to be. A phone call from an old Navy pal changed all of our ideas in a matter of minutes. They said that they had packed up their children, their dogs and bought a travel trailer to travel the country. We thought is was insane. Who would do that and why? They further explained that they took positions as camp hosts at a state park that provided them with a site, a few hours of work and never ending adventures. It sounded way to good to be true and when I mentioned it to Jim, he thought they were nuts. When I suggested that maybe we should look into it, he then indicated in not so many words, that I had lost my mind. Nevertheless, the seed had been inadvertently planted and Jim spent much of that evening researching and trying to make sense of it. That was August 16, 2011. We will never forget that day. It was then and there that we decided that while we had much to research, there was something so very appealing to traveling from place to place and exploring the very country that we swore to protect in uniform for so many years. It turned out to be the best conversation of our lives. It changed everything that we had thought about life and how we wanted to live it. Here is what was inevitable; our son would graduate from high school and move on to live his life. Our parents and families gave us their blessing so it was all set. We liked the idea of a simpler life, collecting memories rather than collecting things. It’s been almost 4 years since we took off for our first adventure and we have not yet looked back. We have learned a great deal, we have grown closer as a couple. We have discovered new hobbies and experienced a variety of amazing things. We have learned to make spur of the moment decisions that we never would have even considered before.