When we first ventured out into the full time lifestyle, one of the things that people told us was that he HAD to get DISH or satellite TV. We have never spent a great deal of time watching TV, but we did have some favorite channels that we would turn on from time to time. Rather than diving right into the bandwagon, we settled for whatever cable was available at the parks that we visited. What we learned didn’t surprise us, we don’t NEED satellite TV. Typically our days consist of workamping or exploring the area that we are currently at. Very rarely are we home long enough to watch TV. If we are, we pop in a movie. I think to date, we have over 1000 DVDs some of which are entire seasons of our favorite sitcoms. We have some shows that we enjoy mostly from the History Channel and the Discovery Channel, both of which we can typically get at any campground we are staying at. We can get the local news from the local stations that you most always can get through the cable or over the air if we need to use our antenna. For us the bottom line is simple: satellite TV is a waste of money when the whole purpose of being on the road either full or part time is to explore and see things, not to sit and veg in front of the TV. Yes, I realize that there are cold days, rainy days or just hang out days, but it seems even more silly now to be so dedicated to a show that your schedule has to be worked around that. We know that we are in the minority in this feeling, as indicated by the hundreds of campers that come through the offices that we work requesting sites that are satellite friendly. I giggle just a little bit each and every time, particularly when I read a review that reflects poorly on a campground because there were “too many trees for satellite” or that “all the big rigs in the park blocked my satellite”. Personally, I would rather save that $100 a month a treat myself to a night out or a fun excursion. Isn’t that why we go camping anyhow?